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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  October 24, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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it almost seems as if if was more for the public's benefit than dogma thorough search of the house. >> an exclusive lock at baby lisa's home. a frantic search off an australia coast for the shark that killed an engineer. plus, three of the republican front-runners are making headlines a closer look at romney, perry's and cain's campaign. new twists and turns in a case that has baffled investigators of lisa irwin, the
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caulk exawk baby -- kansas city baby. lisa irwin who disappeared out of her room. >> where's the baby. we're searching for baby lisa tonight. tonight we have exclusive video inside the family's home. we'll take you inside the parent's bedroom. it's been weeks since 11-month-old baby lisa irwin went missing. her parents have recently shied away from public view until last night. the family's lawyer, cindy short, took abc on a tour of the house where investigators spent 17 hours investigating and gathering evidence. >> it appears police would have dusted for fingerprints. >> reporter: cadaver dogs detected the scents of a dead
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body but investigators only rye moved six items, six items in 17 hours. >> it appears that was more for the public's benefit. >> reporter: deborah bradley's shifting timeline has riled police suspicion. >> police think show as something to do with it. >> reporter: she said she was afraid to look outside because of what she might find. the family point to key witnesses who saw a suspicious man that night carrying a video. so surveillance video shows a man dressed in white leaving a wooded area at 2:30 in the morning of baby lisa's disappearance. it's where police are looking into a suspicious dumpster fire. every day, deborah bradley
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admitting she was drinking the night her daughter disappeared. >> thanks a lot. now about another missing child. a 5-year-old girl was remembered over the weekend. jesse shockly went missing five days ago. police have no suspects. there's an $11,000 reward for information in her disappearance. a memorial service will be held this saturday for jane and william mcquain, mother and son who were killed recently and whose bodies were found over the past couple of weeks. they will be remembered saturday afternoon at cedar brook church. in lieu of flowers, the family is ask that donation be played to the dwelling place and used to establish a sports scholarship in their name. a judge in philadelphia has set a december preliminary hearing for three people accused
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of holding menially disabled adults. they are charges with kidnapping, assault and false imprisonment. police say they were malnourished and one was chained to a boiler. . in rockville, police are looking into a possible murder-suicide inside a nursing home. it happened this morning after a man came to visit his wife who lived in the village in rockville. he opened fire shortly after walking into her room. it's unclear what led up to the shooting. >> jury selection began in the trial of the woman accused of killing her coworker. brittany norwood is accused of beating jayna murray death. the two got into an argument
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after murray found stolen items in norwood's bag. . taking a look at some of tonight's top stories, construction headaches, specifically the liberty road replacement project. it's been going on for a few months. when that's done it will be great, but right now people are dealing with a mess. it's shifting again. in november the shift should be for the better as the construction project enters its final year. and a deer had trouble trying to cross liberty road. the deer ended up smashing into the window of a car repair shop. it happened at automasters. workers waited for state wildlife work ares to arrive but then took matters into their own
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hands. an important recall to tell you b harley davidson is recalling about 300,000 motorcycles to fix a switch problem that apparently can cause the brake lights to fail. the brake light switches can be exposed to too much pete from the exhaust system. dealers will install a back brake light switch kit free of charge. weather wise, things are generally dry across most of maryland at least immediate baltimore area. clearing skies for the moment but we got a lot of showers west. that could mean a few hit and miss showers as you head in to take in the ravens game. you'll find mild temperatures but that chance of a passing shower, 62 now, rock hall. 63 in baltimore. in the 50s towards emmittsburg.
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showers to the west but some of those could make it into the baltimore area later tonight. much more on the outlook for a changing week of weather is coming up. >> thanks a lot. well, police in texas are hoping some vanes surveillance video will help them track down rapist. why one store was literally anchor deep in wine. that story coming up next.
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we've all heard the expression baseball sized hail. take a look at these pictures, hail that was really the size of baseballs fell in ada, oklahoma. wild weather dumped huge hail pellets. surfaces were slick handle windshields were shattered. it's all part of a severe weather system that moved through the area on saturday. let's hope this wine store had a mop handy. imagine this, sending 7,000
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bottles of wine running out the door. >> this was running out the front door, out the back door. there was wine every where. >> there was an inch or two of wine throughout the store. >> wow. this took 15 employees and a prftional cleaning crew to clean -- professional cleaning crew to clean it up. the presidential race is still making headlines, in particular the republicans as they try to whittle the crowd down to one. and they say they slash prices and just to be sure you get the lowest price, walmart has a new however for shoppers. we'll explain coming up. man: my electric bill was breaking the bank.
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police in texas are hoping this surveillance video will help them catch a serial rape evident who seem to be targeting women connected to a sorority. they believe the same man raped four women in their home. the victims are in the mid-50s to 60s. tonight the search continues for a great white shark that killed a texas man off the coast of australia. engineer thomas wainwright is the third person killed by a shark in two months. he had been part of a team that capped the gulf oil spill. five months ago he decided to follow his dreams and move to australia for a new job. he was diving alone in the water saturday with two friends in a
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both of the friends noticed bubbles and his lifeless body. a great white, 10 feet long nudged their boat. >> can't even wrap your head around what happened. you just can't. >> we troy to focus -- try to focus on the great things. >> shark hunters try to lure them in. the family believes he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. well, a florida woman is recovering after being attacked by an otter. witnesses say the otter was apparently attacking two dogs at the green oaks trailer park over the weekend. she tried to break it up but the otter turned on her. show was taken to the hospital. neighbors say someone was keeping the otter as a pet.
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>> they should have never been able to keep that otter at their lot. it's just bad, bad situation all the way around. they've done things in violation of the rules. >> florida fish and wildlife officials say it's not illegal to keep the otter as a pet. dozens of folks were hurt in ohio after a hay wagon flipped over. the driver is charged with operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol. this was pulling two trailers when it drove off the road and one of the trailers flipped over. several people were thrown out. they were taken to several hospitals. all right. old glory on federal hill showing basically a light breeze blowing coming out of the southwest right now and a mix of
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clouds and sun. 66 and humidity moderate, 52%, winds southwest. a haiti on the sky in the lower chesapeake. take a look at our view. just a slight chop on the bay from the breezes today. baltimore finding at times sunshine breaking through the clouds and the same deal in ellicott city with more fall color and a bright finish to the day. maryland's most powerful radar most of the action west. hagerstown getting rain. heavierer downpours near chambers pa. unless are a driving west of frederick you won't find much in the way of rain or showers. 60s across most of the baltimore area. winds have been light around five to 106789 the everall --
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10. some of those are beginning to fezle -- fizzle out. some showers could combine. quiet weather to the immediate west behind that boundary. then we got a fairly decent storm offshore. this is not the main storm we're watching over the ocean. we have a new hurricane. mild air continues to come up the east coast tomorrow. i think we'll be in the mid-60s once again. that's a slight chance of a fewer showers this evening. we dry it out tuesday with a chance of showers late wednesday. here's a look at the tropics. check this out. tropical storm rina, south of basically cuba, and this is down in the bay of campeche. this thing, models want to take it in different directions. we'll keep a close eye. hurricane season goes for
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another month but we'll look at peak season ban to wind down in a few more weeks. tonight's forecast, heading over to the tailgating for the game, a few showers with late clearing. tomorrow, though 66, sunny and nice with a pretty good looking day. tomorrow down to 45 with a few clouds. it will be cool the next several nights but the days will stay mild for a few more days. late this week that begins to change. this gets cooler somewhat on thursday. friday much cooler. into next woke we look for temperatures to hover in the low 50s, so a much cooler weekend on the way for halloween. >> thanks a lot, wyatt. in democracy 2012 lots of political news as each republican candidate is pushing to steal the headlines. we have the very latest. what's up today with hour
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candidates -- our candidates? >> they seem to be everywhere talking about all different kinds of things. it's almost like a political grab bag and it starts in new hampshire. >> put my name on this paper hoping that this time it will take. >> reporter: deja vu for mitt romney. just as he did in 2007, romney filed his paperwork for the state's primary. it -- he holds an 18 point lead. he also picked up anen scoresment from former governor john is a knew knew. texas governor rick perry is expected to unveil his plan. it will be a flat tax. helping him with it is steve forbes. and herman cain's stance on abortion is in the spotlight.
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>> it ultimately gets down to a choice that that family or that mother has to make, not me as president. >> reporter: cain has tried to clarify his antiabortion position saying over the weekend at a for rum in iowa, quote, no abortions, no exception. it's probably no surprise some of the other candidates are jumping on that issue, specifically michele bachmann who said that hrm hrm was flip-flopping on it. >> do we lock like we're closer to clearing up the confusion on the primary calendar? >> reporter: if are a like me you've been look at the dates. we'll start here january 3rd. that's when iowa will take place. new hampshire will probably be the second week of january. the big one which just cam down was nevada, and that's february
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4th, but this could all change again. >> thanks a lot for that report. >> on the other political side, barack obama's new book about her white house garden is going to be called american grown. crown publishers announced the title today. it will look at how improving access to healthy may fordable food can improve health. she has become an add very cat for healthy eating and exercise. her book is set to be published in april. game mi costello cup -- jamie costello, coming up at 6:00, an incident involving a stranger, a young boy and a bus stop. >> a verdict in the first of its kind lawsuit. here's a preview of what's ahead on world news at 6:30. [ male announcer ] want to achieve more with your money?
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looking at lots of greefnlt stocks closed at their highest level since the summer. the nasdaq is almost up 62 and the s&p 500 up almost 16. in tonight's consumer alert, gas prices have jumped, ending a downward slide. now the average praise is $3.47. the price had dropped 25-cents
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from early september to early october. the lundberg survey said the new spike showed a moderate rise in crude oil prices. looking for the cheapest gas prices in town, log on to our website click on the traffic tap. find the map right there in your area. got some good news that could mean more cash in your pocket this holiday see son. wall mart apparently has a new price match program. if you buy something at your local walmart and find it cheaper later, walmart will give you a refinanced, the difference. black friday offers an online price. to get a refund, you have to
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bring in your receipt. chances are if you get an email from the irs you'll take notice. that's what scammers hope you will do. joce sterman has more. we have a problem in abington. a 14-year-old waiting for his school bus was approached by a man. a deer evidently needed some front end work. it went through the window of an automasters store. >> you looked pretty in pink. what a day to remember. we look at the komen raise for the -- race for the cure. we have the details on incident


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